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Robert White

Robert White

IU School of Liberal Arts
Dean of Liberal Arts
Professor of Sociology
February 2006

For Robert White, living in a world dominated by the news or threat of terrorism makes it vital to understand the mindset, goals and approaches of groups whose chosen path includes violence both targeted and general.

The dean of the School of Liberal Arts has made a career out of studying such groups, learning why they view the world as they do, why they choose the acts they use to spread their influence, and how the threat of terrorism affects the day-to-day lives of nations.

White’s most notable case study involves the religious and social components of the battles between the Irish Republican Army and the British Government, but the broad themes in that conflict offer insights into other global troubles, as well. White’s interest in political sociology and social movements are interwoven with his insights into perhaps the 21st century’s greatest ongoing threat to peace and stability.

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