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Vincent Liaw

Vincent Liaw

Purdue School of Engineering & Technology
May 2005

He may hail from the island nation of Malaysia, but Vincent Liaw is walking advertisement for the American Field Services (AFS) international student exchange program. And IUPUI's top-ranked male student for the 2004-05 school year - a senior in the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology - isn't about to slow down.

Vincent, who speaks four languages (his native Malay, as well as English, two dialects of Chinese, and Japanese), is an experienced world traveler. As part of AFS, he spent a year studying in Japan before coming to IUPUI to study mechanical engineering. Vincent's travels have been so rewarding that he has become an AFS volunteer.

His academic career at IUPUI - which includes a number of academic honors and scholarships - is leading to a career in project management and supervision. Vincent is honing his management skills in internships with Cummins Inc. in Columbus, Ind., and with the engineering school's moon buggy team, which competes annually in a NASA-sponsored national competition in Huntsville, Alabama.

Vincent's career is loaded with research opportunities, from work with experimental fuel-cell technology to nanoimaging of aircraft aluminum, and put him in the 2004 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

He's a hands-on leader, always among the first to volunteer for projects, from IUPUI's undergraduate student advisory board to the vital IUPUI learning community mentors program. Vincent manages to find time to be an avid part of IUPUI's intramural basketball, soccer and flag football leagues.