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Eileen Udry

Eileen Udry

IU School of Physical Education
August 2006

Eileen Udry is nothing if not creative. After all, how many university researchers would find a way to mix prison inmates with "help" dogs in training to assist those suffering from Parkinson's and other diseases.

But the IU School of Physical Education instructor, along with the Indiana Canine Assistant & Adolescent Network (ICAAN), has done just that, putting a special twist on community service.

Udry is a long-standing - and enthusiastic - member of the ICAAN effort, and has trained help dogs herself. She likes the positive impact the project has on inmates who do meaningful work and perhaps even learn a job skill.

Even better, she relishes the opportunity to test her research ideas about training programs for high-performance athletes (in this case, the dogs), the psychology of those athletes, and the skills necessary for those who help train the performers.

Most of all, though, Udry loves the idea of seeing the many benefits that can spring from one good idea, nurtured by committed teaching.

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