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Recommend a Student

Do you know an IUPUI student you think is amazing? We want to know.

About 20 students each year are selected to represent IUPUI as an Amazing Student. These students are somehow exceptional and embody the spirit of IUPUI today.

Fill out the recommendation form below and help us tell IUPUI's story through the stories of the students who make this campus one of America's top urban universities.

A few things to consider

  • All profiles include a photo shoot and video interview. The nominated student must be willing to participate in these activities.
  • It takes several months to go through the process of developing a profile. Thus, students should not be in their final semester at IUPUI.
  • Remember that only 20 students can be featured in a calendar year. There are no guarantees that a recommended student can be featured.
  • Recommended students may be considered for other campus publications

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