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Rebecca Nestor

Rebecca Nestor

IU School of Education Graduate Student
July 2006

During her years at IUPUI, Rebecca Nestor has been a model student, a model employee and, well, simply a model. In fact, you may recognize her face from a billboard or two gracing Indianapolis-area highways, or magazines ads in publications such as InStyle.

In addition to her graduate school work, Rebecca works as the associate coordinator of first-year programs in the Campus & Community Life office at IUPUI, helping younger students adjust to college life.

College life is important to Rebecca, who wants to build a career in higher education "where learning is constantly taking place." Prior to coming to IUPUI, she worked in residence life at New York Institute of Technology and her own undergrad alma mater, Fort Lewis College (in Durango, Colorado).

Her path to IUPUI has been unusual, to say the least. Born in Massachusetts and raised in the state of Washington, Rebecca spent her first 17 years living on islands - first, Martha's Vineyard, and then Orcas Island. She's an avid fan of sea kayaking, rock climbing, skiing and other outdoor activities, but her most unusual love may be her joy at two-wheel transport: she's a motorcycle rider who loves to ride her bike on her parents' Colorado ranch. And she and her husband spend as much time as possible traveling they spent the most recent holiday season in France.