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Doug McKeag

Doug McKeag

IU School of Medicine - Sports Medicine
January 2007

For most sports fans, a team doctor is somebody who tapes ankles and has one of the best seats in the house. But for Doug McKeag, it’s a chance to blend his two passions: athletics and medicine.

As the OneAmerica Professor of Preventive Health Medicine in the IU School of Medicine at IUPUI, McKeag has turned what once was a health-care afterthought - sports medicine - into a major wing of the industry’s growing focus on health and wellness. The lessons McKeag and his fellow physicians and researchers in the field learn are changing attitudes - and lives - for millions of people worldwide, from professional athletes to “weekend warriors” to those who walk or run for a healthier life.

The Michigan State graduate comes by his passions naturally. As a former college athlete who now consults with the Indianapolis Colts and is the trainer for IUPUI Jaguars’ teams, he knows the importance proper training, nutrition and a physician’s care and support have for world-class athletes.

Better still, the doctor in him knows those same lessons can lead to a healthier, longer and richer life for everyone, regardless of their sports skills.

McKeag is passionate about athletes and the games they play, and as chair of the IU Center for Sports Medicine travels the world to help build the reputation and body of knowledge of one of health care’s fastest-growing fields.

But he is equally involved in his other School of Medicine role, chairing the family medicine department. In that role, he helps expose medical students to the historic roots of medicine, that of family doctors making house calls, befriending the families they serve, and becoming an integral part of their communities. The lessons of empathy and understanding that come with family medicine training serves future physicians well, no matter which career path they choose to pursue.

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