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Linda Malkas, PhD, & Robert Hickey, PhD

Linda Malkas, PhD, & Robert Hickey, PhD

Hematology/Oncology, IU School of Medicine
August 2005

Life & Health Sciences

Husbands and wives often share passions, but few take them to the workplace like Linda H. Malkas and Robert J. Hickey, two of IUPUI's world-class cancer researchers in the IU School of Medicine.

Malkas, the Vera Bradley Professor of Oncology, and Hickey are both part of the IU Cancer Center and the school╣s hematology/oncology division, and illustrate the campus╣s determination to unlock the riddles that surround the onset and evolution of cancer.

Both Malkas and Hickey, who came to the IUPUI campus from the University of Maryland, are heavily involved in the fight against breast cancer. Malkas has developed an impressive research program, a strong record of intramural funding and an international reputation for research on the molecular biology of breast cancer. Her investigations of DNA replication and biomarkers have led to important new diagnostic/prognostic tools for cancer detection and treatment.

Hickey, also renowned in the field of ovarian cancer, is part of the IUPUI-based cancer target team that is an integral part of the BioCrossroads project, a public-private partnership linking private industry (like Eli Lilly & Co.), government (Indiana and Indianapolis) and the research strengths of Hoosier universities (IU, Purdue and IUPUI).

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