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Lynsey Tilton

Lynsey Tilton

Purdue School of Engineering & Technology
May 2005

Considering that Lynsey Tilton visited her first motorcycle race when she was a week old, it’s probably not surprising that the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology student has grown up with the proverbial “need for speed.”

Racing “has always been a family thing” for the Tilton clan. Lynsey’s father drove sprint cars; her brothers are racers, as well.

And IUPUI’s fledgling Motorsports Program is the perfect fit for the mechanical engineering major who “began racing motorcycles when I was 4,” then graduated to bicycles at age 6, winning four national championships and a world title, ranking in the top 10 in the nation and second in her age group. Next, she tackled the world of go-carts, then midgets, and now is driving sprint cars of her own.

Lynsey’s path from her California home to Indianapolis has a lot to do with the city that is home to “the greatest spectacle in racing.” A top engineering school candidate, Lynsey had plenty of choices: she was recruited by engineering schools at Purdue’s West Lafayette campus, at North Carolina and at Kettering in Michigan, all renowned schools in the field. But IUPUI’s new racing-related program put IUPUI at the head of the class.

She liked “the smaller class sizes” and the respect that an engineering degree from IUPUI’s school draws. “In case a career in driving doesn’t work out, I’ll have the knowledge” to work in racing in the garage and the pits.

Lynsey may have started racing before starting her formal education, but she’s up to speed in the classroom, as well, enrolled as she is in IUPUI’s honors program. In addition to working in the Motorsports certificate program, Lynsey also is president of the IUPUI Motorsports Club.

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