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Kimberly Chowning

Kimberly Chowning

IU School of Law-Indianapolis
December 2006

For most law students, “the bar” is the ultimate sign of professional acceptance. But for Kimberly Chowning, a third-year law student at the IU School of Law-Indianapolis, it has another meaning - a place to indulge her karaoke singing skills (her favorite is Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”) and even study the law by flashlight.

But being co-owner of a karaoke business is just one small facet of an intriguing path through life for a woman who’s already lived in Europe for five years. Kimberly has worked for years in the computer software field, first on the technical side and later in marketing. She wrote an application for and is one of two named inventors on a patent for BioSentinel®, technology that promotes early warning of pandemics, bioterrorism and public health issues.

And that doesn’t even touch the next phase of Kimberly’s career: she plans to work for the IRS as a tax attorney when she graduates next May. Her interest in tax law was kindled when she lived in England - “you haven’t lived until you’ve had to file your taxes while living abroad,” she laughs - and reached a new heights when she was appointed to the national Taxpayer Advocacy Panel. The panel consists of approximately 100 volunteers that give grassroots taxpayers a voice before the IRS and help the organization improve customer service and satisfaction.

In a career filled with achievements already - before even taking the bar - Kimberly has made the dean’s list in law school, been named to the Indiana Law Review and participated in the school’s moot court competition.

When she isn’t singing, studying, writing patents or refining her knowledge of the U.S. tax code, Kimberly finds time to help her sister’s gourmet ice cream business, play piano and quilt.

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