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Julie Reindle

Julie Reindle

IUPUI University College
November 2007

One day can make a huge difference in a life. Just ask Julie Reindle, a junior-to-be in University College at IUPUI.

Julie was wrapping up her high school career at North Newton High School in northwest Indiana in the spring of 2005 when Charles Johnson, representing IUPUI's Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars program, contacted her.

Because Julie was a foster child - her biological family hails from the Cleveland area in Ohio - and responsible for her own financial future, she learned she was eligible to become a Nina Scholar at IUPUI. Julie, a self-admitted "biology geek" who "cried like a baby when I heard about the chance," quickly pulled things together and earned her way into the program, which also offers opportunities to adults aged 25 and over with dependents and college-age prospects with physical disabilities.

Julie came to IUPUI to become an ultrasound technician, but did so well - she's been a dean's list student throughout her IUPUI career, including a 4.0 grade-point-average during one of her sophomore semesters - that she now is considering majoring in nursing, thanks to a job-shadowing opportunity with a pediatrician at Riley Hospital for Children. She's even holding open the option of making an additional change - going to medical school - thanks the encouragement of Nina Scholar leaders.

"In the back of my mind, I've always thought I might want to be a doctor, and now Charlie (Johnson) tells me in no uncertain terms that 'yes, you're going to medical school!'" Julie laughs. "Either way, though, I want to work with babies - I think part of it is that I was a preemie (premature baby) myself - and IUPUI gives me the chance to follow my dreams wherever they may lead."

Julie spends time helping other students, also a cornerstone of the Nina Scholars program, mentoring students through the Bepko Resource Center in University College.

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