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Jennifer Delaney

Jennifer Delaney

IU Kelley School of Business
November 2005

As the president of the IUPUI Student Government, Jennifer Delaney is passionate about the evolution of the university and about building campus traditions. But for the Kelley School of Business senior, the roots of that passion go even deeper - back to her childhood.

Jennifer is a third-generation IUPUI student: her mother graduated from the IU School of Nursing (the Covenant Christian High School graduate treasures a picture of her mother standing in the University College Courtyard) while her grandmother graduated from the Herron School of Art. For Jennifer, it's important that today's Jaguars make their own mark on IUPUI's future - a mark that includes the Campus Center now under construction.

Jennifer happily admits she is a "highly motivated" student and never tackles any goal halfway. She campaigned vigorously for her student government post, and was an enthusiastic organizer for the 2004 "Rock the Vote" bus tour on its visit to IUPUI. A marketing major and philosophy minor, she hopes to get into higher education management, and has been accepted into IU's Higher Education Student Affairs Program.

As student government president, she has helped open lines of communication between the IUPUI student body and the campus' faculty and staff councils, helped organize the Presidents Dinner (a student government program to reach out to student council presidents across the campus) and was an early supporter of the launch of JagRadio.