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Igor Minevich

Igor Minevich

Purdue School of Science
May 2008

For Igor Minevich, the numbers are adding up to a successful college career.

A native of Ukraine, Igor and his family moved to Indiana when he was 9. It didn’t take him long to feel at home in Indianapolis, or fit in at IUPUI. He gets to use his skills as a mathematics major in the Purdue School of Science not only to further his own career aspirations, but also to guide fellow IUPUI students through the intricacies of a world of equations and formulas as a mentor in the Math Assistance Center, the type of performance that earned Igor a 2007 Governor’s Award for Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Igor graduated from North Central High School and entered IUPUI as a member of the prestigious Bepko Scholars program. He has been president of the IUPUI Math Club, the School of Science student council and the IUPUI Honors Club, and served as a senator on the Undergraduate Student Government. For fun, he even puts his math skills to the test competitively, as well, as a member of IUPUI’s William Lowell Putnam Competition, sponsored by The Mathematical Association of America.

Like his fellow Bepko Scholars, Igor is a regular at campus and community service events, like the United Way Day of Caring and the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. He’s also volunteered at the Hauntless Halloween Trails project in Holliday Park in Indianapolis.

When he isn’t preparing to begin work on his Ph.D. in mathematics or teaching himself multivariate calculus (something he did the summer before starting at IUPUI), Igor has other passions to savor. He loves music — he has been a member of the IUPUI Swing Cats, a competitive dance group — and also plays piano. He also enjoys programming and repairing computers, and plays chess, badminton and ping pong.

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