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Ariel Fernandez

Ariel Fernandez

IU School of Informatics
Information & Communications Technology
August 2005

Fernandez is one of IUPUI's leading figures in the emerging field of bioinformatics, and is a key link between information technology and the health and life sciences at IUPUI.

He is a senior scientist with the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, part of the cutting-edge IUPUI-based Genomics Initiative (INGEN), which puts the campus at the forefront of the effort to understand the complex world of DNA.

In the IU School of Informatics, Fernandez applies his skills and knowledge in such areas as representation theory, statistical mechanics and bioinformatics to advance the health-related fields of proteomics, chemical and polymer physics, molecular biophysics and more. He holds a dual appointment in the IU School of Medicine╣s department of biochemistry and molecular biology.

Fernandez' work stretches beyond the IUPUI campus: he is a consultant to the National Institutes of Health and links IUPUI with the University of Chicago, where he is an adjunct professor of computer science. His research interests blend his expertise in informatics and the health and life sciences.

During his academic career, Fernandez has been a John S. Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow, a McKnight Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar and Fulbright Fellow, and has worked internationally in Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Argentina.

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