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Valerie Eickmeier

Valerie Eickmeier

Herron School of Art & Design
Arts & Culture
August 2005

Eickmeier has built a strong reputation as an accomplished sculptor, but her latest work of art is also her biggest work to date: sculpting a bright future for the history-laden Herron School of Art.

Already, Eickmeier - the school's dean since 1999 - has overseen Herron's pending move to its new home on the IUPUI campus, a large space custom-designed for a 21st century school of art. She also has overseen the most successful fund-raising drive in the school's history, and even carved out a new name reflective of the school's expanded future: the Herron School of Art and Design.

Eickmeier is playing a prominent role in the emerging world of arts and culture in Indianapolis, a major initiative and one that is playing a prominent role not only in the city's cultural future but in its economic growth and development, as well. She is leading efforts to convert little-used or under-used spaces for artistic expression, such as the Meridian Street Plaza in front of Eli Lilly and Company's Faris building on the near-south side of the city. The space - nicknamed the "Southern Circle" - features a dynamic piece by former Herron student Don Gummer, a renowned sculptor in his own right, as well as a complementary work by Herron student Laura Lynch. The Herron dean is playing a key role in developing artistic spaces on the campus as well as the city, enhancing campus life for the IUPUI family.

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