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Deven Kaufman

Deven Kaufman

Purdue School of Engineering & Technology
April 2007

College advisors often tell their students to think about "building their careers." But Indianapolis native Deven Kaufman is taking that advice in a bit of a new direction: he's making building a career.

As a sophomore in the architectural technology program in the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology, Deven already has made his mark on the world of construction. While attending Tech High School Career & Technology Center, he designed houses that were built as part of the Habitat for Humanity project in Indianapolis, and has reached the finals in architectural competitions in the "real" world.

His familiarity with computer-aided design (CAD, for short) made IUPUI and its highly regarded AutoCAD program appealing to E&T and the IUPUI campus, and it didn't take Deven long to use his experience and skills to begin helping others as both a teaching assistant - making him simultaneously a teacher and a student - and as a mentor for fellow IUPUI students in need of his math skills and guidance.

He enjoyed that work so much that he became a volunteer in the America Counts program (part of the America Learns initiative) that is part of IUPUI's Center for Service and Learning. Deven quickly made his mark helping middle school and high school students in Washington Community Schools. This winter, he earned national recognition for his strategy of using a matrix to help students identify their areas of need, which in turn helps teachers and mentors guide the students in honing the abilities they will need to succeed.

On those rare occasions when he isn't designing buildings, refining his AutoCAD skills or mentoring other students, Deven likes to play card games and basketball, or work on his Cadillac.

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