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Carolyn Gentle-Genitty

Carolyn Gentle-Genitty

IU School of Social Work
October 2006

Don't look now, but Carolyn Gentle-Genitty has a little bit in common with Superman. Both come from other lands: he's from Krypton, she's from Belize. Each has a dual identity: he's super hero and Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter; she's a student in the IU School of Social Work, but also teaches courses in both Social Work and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. And both like extending a helping hand: his career involves saving the world, her career goal is to reach out to troubled youths who need help to put their lives back on track.

Carolyn eventually plans to return to her homeland to work with at-risk children. She's prepared for that calling by working for IUPUI's renowned AIM (Aftercare for Indiana through Mentoring) program, which helps juvenile offenders reenter society. It's a path she believes would help Belize strengthen future generations.

In addition to her own classes - both as teacher and as pupil - Carolyn has indulged her joy in volunteerism by mentoring students of all ages. She's been an enthusiastic participant in all sorts of activities, from the United Nations' Children's Fund, the Belize City mayor's charity ball, her country's Global Youth Service Day and the Belize Women's Issues Network. Her community spirit earned her recognition in 2002 as one of the Inter-American Development Bank's five "Protagonist Youth of Development in Central America."

In her down time, Carolyn loves to ride her bicycle, exercise, cook or indulge her passion for dancing, whether it's reggae, salsa or other forms of music "that get me up and moving," she laughs.