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James Brown

James Brown

IU School of Journalism
February 2008

For Jim Brown, one of the joys of journalism as a career is to explore stories that aren't familiar to people: the proverbial "road less traveled." So when he and collaborator Rita Kohn were granted an opportunity to help the Delaware Tribe of native Americans - also known as the Lenape - offer the outside world a glimpse of their tribal customs, culture and history, it was a professional dream come true for the executive associate dean of the IU School of Journalism at IUPUI.

Out of that collaboration came Long Journey Home, a newly released book featuring the oral histories of the Lenape from the post-Civil War era to the present, augmented by Brown's photography.

Breaking new ground is old hat for Brown, who was one of the first academic leaders to recognize the career-altering possibilities that technology offered news reporters, from the information-gathering capabilities of the Internet to the digital cameras that forever changed news images. He turned the IUPUI campus into an early training ground for on-line journalism, teaching techniques, philosophy and theory to reporters from all fields of journalism (print, radio, TV and more).

Brown also recognized the potential of partnerships between IUPUI-based schools, teaming with former Herron School of Art & Design dean Robert Shay to launch a high-end visual imaging lab that advanced both journalistic and artistic causes.

For Brown, though, images are his first love and ongoing passion. Whether he's using still photos, multi-media presentations or video, his work has regularly harnessed the power of the visual to tell stories that capture his eye. It's that passion that he passes on to the IUPUI students in his school.

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