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Robert G. Bringle

Robert G. Bringle

IUPUI School of Science
August 2005

Psychology Department
IUPUI Center for Service and Learning

Bringle wears two hats on the IUPUI campus, serving as both a Chancellor's Professor of Psychology and Philanthropic Studies and as the director for the world-renowned IUPUI Center for Service and Learning.

In the former, Bringle has become a social psychologist expert in such fields as jealousy in close relationships and in creating and developing educational programs for psychologists-in-training. As the latter, he has helped establish IUPUI as one of the focal points of understanding the importance of volunteerism and community service on students preparing for widely divergent careers. By helping them get involved in campus or community service projects, the Center for Service and Learning helps students understand the impact they, the companies that hire them or the organizations of which they are members can have on society.

Bringle has received a wide range of honors: from School of Science teaching awards to the Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service Learning, from the Brian Hiltunen Faculty Award from the Indiana Campus Compact to the W. George Pinnell Award for Service; and an honorary doctorate from the University of the Free State in South Africa for his work on civic engagement and service learning.

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