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Bill Blomquist

Bill Blomquist

IU School of Liberal Arts
November 2006

When it comes to discussing politics, Bill Blomquist is comfortable in front of an audience. And it doesn't matter to the political science professor whether that audience is a classroom full of students or a TV audience sitting in living rooms across central Indiana.

The former chair of the political science department in the IU School of Liberal Arts has become a familiar commentator on the political scene, whether it's a city election in Indianapolis or statewide races across Indiana. Blomquist's expertise and insights have been widely recognized by area TV and radio stations and newspapers and magazines in the region.

While he contributes to the practical side of the political world, he also finds time to pay homage to political theory as the driving force behind IUPUI's biennial Bulen Symposium on U.S. politics. Thanks in part to his reputation in the field, the symposium has featured such renowned figures as Washington Post political columnist David Broder, Pulitzer Prize winners Juan Williams and Haynes Johnson, USA Today political columnist Walter Shapiro and CNN commentators Ken Bode and Jonathan Karl.

He may play a "talking head" on television, but Blomquist has other interests, as well. His primary area of research is water problems, including the management of watersheds and river basins throughout the U.S. and other countries, but particularly the western United States.

He has been one of IUPUI's most popular instructors in such courses as American politics, Indiana politics and constitutional law, with occasional trips into the related fields of public policy and research methods. He was awarded the Robert H. Shellhammer Outstanding Educator Award in 1996.

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