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Drew Appleby

Drew Appleby

Purdue School of Science

Psychologist, philosopher, mentor, cheerleader, and chef: Drew Appleby plays many roles in the lives of his students in the Purdue School of Science. And in all those roles and for all those students, the psychology professor's upbeat personality makes him an exceptional - and much honored - teacher, a valued counselor, a good friend, and a wise mentor.

It's been quite a career. Appleby once planned to follow in his father's footsteps and become a dentist. But fate intervened when he took a required psychology course, and he's been pursuing his dream career ever since.

Appleby's love of psychology has helped not only the students in his courses and in the School of Science, but scores of IUPUI student-athlestes who have used his classes for first-year college students to adapt to college life. He has made his presence felt among Indiana's school systems, too, launching a statewide organization and conference to support Indianaís high school psychology teachers.

As a philosopher, the veteran teacher counsels his students to follow three maxims: one from the ancient Greeks ("Know thyself." - know your own strengths and weaknesses); one from Shakespeare ("To thine own self be true." - follow your passions and abilities); and one from Nike ("Just do it!" - don't wait for others to do things for you).

Appleby is a passionate advocate for mentoring, using dozens of his students as aides to assist their fellow students, so that younger students learn from those they hope to emulate and older ones learn from helping others.

This psychology expert is relentlessly positive about life, both in the classroom and outside it, inspiring his students to pursue their dreams and to make the most of their college years. He also is a vocal cheerleader for IUPUI, regularly encouraging others to "look what we've become."

Another of Appleby's many roles - in the kitchen - makes him a popular figure, as well. Years ago, he teamed up with the IUPUI student-athletes he taught to create Chef Dís College Student Cook Book [PDF], a collection of recipes that are cheap (C), healthy (H), easy (E), fast (F), and delicious (D). But Appleby's greatest "recipe" may be one that isn't in his cook book: the one that cooks up college success for students who need a bit of well-timed guidance.

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