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Anthony Gutierrez

Anthony Gutierrez

Purdue School of Science
February 2008

For many college students, classrooms are a place of challenge. For Tony Gutierrez, they're his past, his present - and most of all, his future.

The diehard Chicago sports fan, already one of IUPUI's "Top 100 Students" and in the running for a repeat of that honor, plans to turn his mathematics major in the Purdue School of Science at IUPUI into a career teaching future generations.

Education - both learning and teaching - has been a passion for Anthony. He has turned his own academic success into a support tool to help fellow IUPUI students, both as a member of IUPUI's acclaimed "O-Team" (orientation services) and as a math mentor in the IUPUI Bridge Program.

Anthony has taken full advantage of his IUPUI opportunities. On the academic side, he has been an IUPUI Diversity Research Scholar, a Norman Brown Diversity Scholar, a Freshman Service Scholar, a Community Service Scholar, and a Dean's Recognition Scholar. On the social side, he's one of the founding members of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at IUPUI, winning the TKE's "Cherry and Grey Award" for outstanding community and chapter involvement.

Anthony's face is a familiar sight when it comes to IUPUI's nationally recognized service and volunteerism efforts, too. He's participated in Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service activities throughout his college career, and is a regular in the United Way's "Day of Caring" and "Make a Difference" day events, as well.

His thirst for knowledge won't end with commencement ceremonies this spring, either. He plans to turn his enthusiasm for research into a pursuit of a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, specializing in biomechanics and kinesiology. Anthony has already taken his first steps in that direction, working with Professor Rafael Bahamonde of the IU School of Physical Education and Tourism Management on a biomechanical approach to proper physical exercise.

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