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Anita Sivam

Anita Sivam

Purdue School of Science
August 2005

It didn't take Anita Sivam long to feel at home on the IUPUI campus - which is a good thing, since if her career plans stay on track, she could be in downtown Indianapolis for a long, long time.

The Lake Central High School graduate, a member of the first class of Bepko Scholars, has plunged head-first into campus life, in and out of the classroom. Academically, Anita is the president of the IUPUI Honors Club, and the sophomore chemistry major is already hard at work in the laboratory as a research assistant in the IU School of Medicine's pharmacology and toxicology department. It's a head-start on her goal of becoming a pediatric radiation oncologist, which could well land her a career in the IUPUI-based Riley Hospital for Children.

In her life outside academia, Anita has become a familiar face in such campus volunteer efforts as: Explore IUPUI; Rock the Vote; and the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service celebration. She has served as a tutor for children in Riley Hospital's patient wards. And Anita, who has competed for IUPUI in the College Bowl and is a member of the campus's "Fresh Faces" project, also was one of the speakers at last fall's Evan Bayh Service Leader Summit.

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