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Adriana Escoto

Adriana Escoto

IU School of Liberal Arts
April 2005

Like a lot of college students, Adriana Escoto is eager to make history. But in the case of the junior anthropology major in the IU School of Liberal Arts, "making history" means reshaping the way history is taught in the United States. She is determined that future generations of students should learn about contributions all cultures have made to the country's rich, diverse heritage.

Adriana, who hails from Lake Station, Ind., has been an active part of campus life at IUPUI since first enrolling. She has been an officer of the Latino Student Association in the Council of Organizations, a senator in the Undergraduate Student Government and a member of the IUPUI Student Foundation. In all her endeavors, she has been a forceful advocate of exposing the campus community to the full array of cultures that are part of IUPUI, of Indianapolis and of the state.

Adriana has spent her college career at IUPUI making a difference to younger students, working through La Plaza, Inc. (formerly the Hispanic Education Center) and the El Puente Project to increase the number of Hispanic high school graduates and encourage their post-secondary education dreams.

Her passion for educating youth via anthropology will give Adriana an opportunity to develop programs and curriculum that strengthen bonds between the various cultures that shape America. That work will be helped further by her minor in Spanish, which has led to study trips abroad to Salamanca, Spain and Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico.