Steering Committee

To support Common Theme, the Steering Committee is comprised of the following members:

Al-Juboori, Mohammed HM. International Student
Beasley, Jennifer Ann Center for Teaching and Learning
Bonilla, Amanda Social Justice Education
Bowman, Heather University College
Carrigan, Cathie International Affairs
Champion-Shaw, Charmayne School of Liberal Arts, American Indian Programs
Clark, John SPEA
Contino, Lisa Center for Teaching & Learning
Craig, David School of Liberal Arts, Religious Studies
Cramer, Amy Elizabeth School of Social Work Student
Griffith, Daniel B. Office for Intergroup Dialogue and Civil Community
Grove, Kathleen Surina IUPUI Office for Women
Halverson, Paul K. Fairbanks School of Public Health
Hanna, Kathleen A. University Library
Hong, Youngbok Herron School of Art and Design
Hopper, Cassandra Lynn Gamers Guild, School of Social Work Student
Khaja, Khadija Faculty Fellow for the Common Theme, School of Social Work
King, Pamela Anne Adaptive Educational Services
Kirkland, Kim D. Office of Equal Opportunity
Luzar, E. Jane Dean of Honors College
McIntosh, Ian International Affairs
Morgan, Rick L. Office of Equal Opportunity
Paine, Jeffry SPEA
Richards, Vanessa IU Communications
Saxton, M. Kim Kelley School of Business
Sliter, Michael Psychology Department
Shabazz, Khalilah Annette University College
Shaw, Pamella P. Dentistry-Administration
Weiss, H. Anne Center for Service and Learning, Democracy Plaza
Wiles, Charlie Center for Inter-Faith Cooperation
Wininger, Melvin R. School of Liberal Arts, English