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From the Desk of the Chancellor – November 13

My thanks to all those who prepared for, and participated in, the Higher Learning Commission reaffirmation of accreditation site visit last week. Craig Schnell, the chair of the HLC team that visited campus, remarked to me during the exit briefing, "You've got a good thing going here." We certainly do, and I want to express my appreciation to all those who contributed in so many ways to the good impression we gave them. In early 2013, we will hear what the team's formal recommendation will be and then, within six months, whether the HLC endorses that recommendation.

The visiting team commended us for the work on the self-study because it was so clear and so detailed -- and so honest about strengths and challenges. The team was able to get most of what they needed for their report from the self-study itself. In meetings with students, staff, faculty, and community members, they often needed to hear only confirmation rather than request additional information.

This certainly is a testament to all the good work that all of you do every day. Those colleagues who put the words on paper for the self-study had the daunting but rewarding task of reflecting the very real accomplishments that all of our colleagues across the campus have achieved. It is truly wonderful to be on a campus that is so widely recognized for its excellence in collaboration and innovation!

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