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From the Desk of the Chancellor – September 25

On Sept. 26, the newly appointed IUPUI Strategic Planning Committees "lift off" on our journey to create a new vision of IUPUI's future. We need broad engagement, so the process is key. Frequent communication will be important to spreading engagement with the process across campus. The four-member Executive Committee, 15-member Steering Committee and 40-member Planning Committee are broadly representative of the campus community (academic and administrative leaders, faculty, staff and students). They are the eyes and ears of this process, and they will be looking to everyone who cares about IUPUI's destiny for ideas and feedback all along the way. Brent Ruben, professor and executive director of the Rutgers University Center for Organizational Development and Leadership, is serving as a consultant to guide and facilitate the process.

Ruben proposes we should achieve an integrated strategic and implementation plan with clearly articulated aspirations, aligned goals, measurement, accountability and a focus on outcomes. To achieve that goal, we need skilled leadership at all levels -- people who will create, rather than simply respond to, the changing higher education landscape. Like our predecessors 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago, we must be prepared to think beyond the horizon and across the campus and community. We need to scan the internal and external environment for opportunities and challenges and propose transforming ourselves, in the same way our schools and campus and city are not what they were 20 years ago. Then we will be ready for the future and whatever it may bring. With our distinctive history and characteristics, IUPUI can, and should be, a leader in transforming the higher education landscape. We can be the model others will follow.

My thanks to all who have agreed to serve on the Strategic Planning Committees. I know we are asking a lot of you, but I also know that what we are asking of you is vitally important, which makes our gratitude for your service all the more profound.

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