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Greetings from IUPUI

September 2009

Once again a record enrollment for IUPUI!

At IUPUI and IUPUC, we have 30,437 students taking 340,153 credit hours. That's a 0.3% increase in headcount and 2.7% increase in credit hours.

For Indianapolis, though, the official enrollment count percentage increase does not reflect a reporting change that occurred last fall. Some 950 "Kelley Direct" School of Business online M.B.A. students are now being reported in the Bloomington headcount instead of ours, so the net gain for IUPUI in students recruited and retained is nearly 1,000. Our Enrollment Services staff has done a superb job of making sure that IUPUI is on the radar screen when college-bound seniors are looking at their options.

Once again record numbers in student housing!

More and more applicants are asking for on-campus housing. The summer I arrived at IUPUI, in June 2003, we had only 350 beds available for students on campus in Ball Hall and the Townhomes. This fall, we have full occupancy of 1,358! We've grown with 753 students in the Campus Apartments on the River Walk, dedicated in 2004. Demand has been so strong we are housing 224 students in Park Place just west of campus on White River Parkway.

IUPUI's reputation continues to grow.

In the latest US News & World Report rankings, IUPUI climbed the list of "Up and Coming Schools" (now we're at 7th, up from 14th last year). Last year, we were tied with Ohio State. This year, with Ohio State at 15th, we are ahead of them! US News also once again recognized IUPUI among "Programs to Look For," including first-year experiences, learning communities, and service learning.

Students know they can expect a supportive academic environment.

Other characteristics of our fall class? The average combined math and reading SAT score among first-time, full-time freshmen is a record 1,017, up 9 points from last year.

Some 512 students are seeking Ph.D. degrees on the IUPUI campus, up from 479 last year. Two new Ph.D. programs— one in health and rehabilitation science and another in biostatistics—have promising enrollments. We expect to grow these new programs quickly since they address important workforce deficits in the life sciences.

IUPUI is responding to a need for more health care professionals.

The IU School of Dentistry has 441 professional-level students enrolled, up 8% from last year. Nursing is up 2%, with 1,526 students, two-thirds of whom are pursuing the B.S.N.

The IU School of Medicine continues to grow its enrollment. The school is systematically increasing the entering class by 30% over a six-year period. In 2005, 280 students made up the entering class, this fall that number is 322.

We established the IUPUI Honors College.

The founding dean of the Honors College, Jane Luzar, is a former Peace Corps volunteer who served in Liberia, Africa. She joined IUPUI from the University of Florida, where she was associate dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. She was at Louisiana State University as a professor of natural resource economics prior to that and holds a Ph.D. in the field from Virginia Tech.

With Dean Luzar's leadership, the Honors College will offer a dynamic academic experience to high-ability students. In addition to classroom work emphasizing the award-winning IUPUI Principles of Undergraduate Learning, the honors curriculum is designed to fulfill the expectations of the IUPUI "RISE to the Challenge" initiative, which emphasizes participation in undergraduate research, international studies, service, and experiential learning.

To further encourage high achievement and persistence to graduation, Indiana University President Michael McRobbie announced a new performance incentive.

Full-time IUB and IUPUI in-state undergraduate students (those taking 12 hours or more each semester), who maintain at least a B average over the course of the 2009-2010 academic year, will receive a $300 credit toward their 2010-2011 tuition. At IUPUI, we estimate, based on last year's performance, that some 4,500 students are likely to quality for the incentive grants.

We begin the fall semester confident that IUPUI is doing its part to provide opportunities students want and need to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Charles R. Bantz


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