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Brian PayneBrian Payne

IUPUI Board of Advisors
President and CEO
Central Indiana Community Foundation
First Appointed: 2005
Term Ends: 2015

Brian Payne is President and CEO of the $600 million Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) and The Indianapolis Foundation. Since he joined CICF in November 2000, the Foundation's annual grantmaking has doubled to almost $50 million. Under his direction, the CICF staff and board redefined the Foundation's business model and created clarity and focus on how best to accomplish the Foundation's mission to inspire, support, and practice philanthropy, leadership, and service in central Indiana. The Foundation has a major focus on developing, attracting and retaining highly educated, creative, entrepreneurial and community minded people. This focus is supported by three major initiatives: Family Success, College Readiness and Success, and Inspiring Places. Brian is the Founder/Leader of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick. The Cultural Trail is a $63 million dollar, eight-mile, beautifully designed and landscaped pedestrian and bicycle pathway that connects every significant arts, cultural, heritage, sports and entertainment venue in Indianapolis' dynamic downtown.